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McCloskey stackers are all about efficiency.

McCloskey™  conveyors enable you to optimize your operations by maximizing productivity and minimizing costs. With McCloskey conveyors, you can easily move and stack materials such as aggregates, coal, iron ore, wood pellets, and more. McCloskey™ stackers are designed to be durable, reliable, and versatile, with features such as radial wheels, hydraulic lifts, and remote controls. Whether you need a tracked conveyor, a wheeled conveyor, or a telescopic conveyor, McCloskey has the right solution for your needs.

Feeder, Wheeled and Tracked Conveying Equipment

Stackers For Sale - What We Offer

McCloskey™ conveyors are all about efficiency, from their speedy setup time to their high degree of mobility, downtime is minimized while throughput and stockpile capacity are maximized.

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